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Tourism Bureau

Promote your community around the corner and around the world. Understand the effectiveness of your marketing efforts with our advanced analytics system.

Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce, Business Improvement District, Community Association. Make your district smart and provide valuable insights to your members.


By automating civic services, municipalities provide increased value to their residents. Internet of Things infrastructure allows services to be delivered Just-In-Time.

Connecting People, Places and Things

Bridging the Virtual and Physical Worlds​

Community Directory

Find out all that is happening in your local community. Every member on our platform can reach and be reached. Businesses can promote their special offers and convert visitor into customers. Members can easily update their  microsite with drag and drop functionality, and automate routine tasks such as appointment bookings. 

Powerful analytics tell your members exactly where their clients are, and what their clients want. 

Community Microsites

Powerful Microsites allow all members of your community to interact with local businesses by using your community mobile app. Residents can directly connect with any merchant on our platform, and merchants can offer specials by time or proximity. As an examples, restaurants can offer specials during happy hour. 

Beacons and Geofences

Bring your city to life as both visitors and residents explore all your community has to offer. By making each location smart, you can create custom offers for each one of your clients. 

Interactive Map – Augmented Reality
TIN creates beautiful interactive community maps. allowing residents of the community to see all the community has to offer. 

Communication Platform

A complete communication infrastructure allows you to respond to your clients in real time. Our intelligent UC switchboard gets your clients to the right person at the right time. Intelligent chat bots on your website  provide an immediate response to frequently asked questions.

  • Virtual Switchboard
  • Social Media Messengers
  • Business Mobile
  • Predictive Knowledge Base
  • Intelligent Chat Bot

Analytics Platform

Our platform provides an immediate visual summary of geographical information. It allows you to understand audience flow patterns, discover hot-spots and optimize your marketing campaigns.

Our system collects and updates data in real time, so you are actually able to observe and react to what is happening. All data is gathered only from opted-in users on the web and from mobile users and it is completely anonymous and secure.

TIN generates buzz

Make sure your members have the latest products and services. Give us a call, and we can show you how to create a residual revenue stream for your association.

Visitor Guide

Equip the visitors to your city with all they need to get the most out of their stay with a seasonal visitors guide.

Resident Guide

Let locals in on what’s new and happening in your city - profile local businesses, artists and events.


Increase revenue by providing compensation to hotel concierge, taxi drivers, and noncompetitive suppliers.

Children's Programs

Upbeat tours for children including lots of physical activities and social interaction.

AR Targets

Augmented reality targets, provide enhanced user experience to those that are curious or simply want more information


Our dashboard provides granular analytics of what marketing asset drives consumer engagement.


Our active placemats, allow real-time information for both consumers, and service providers.

Active Invites

Each promoter receives an individualized recommendation suite of products, which they can deliver to their clients.