Who We Are

The Information Network (TIN) is comprised of experts from associations, government, the private sector, and the tourism industry. We specialize in information technology, communications engineering services, and marketing strategies.

What We Do?

The Information Network provides a platform for residents & visitors to find things to see and do, places to visit and allows everyone to discover hidden gems in their community using technology.

We increase non-dues revenues by providing your organization with the tools to increase revenue, while reducing costs. 

We simplify technology, making it easy to call, tweet, blog, or simply inquire about any product, service or event anywhere in the world. 

Our platform supports associations, destination management organizations, tourist bureaus and event promoters 

Matching buyer and seller in real time.

National, Regional, City, and Community portals make it easy for your members to reach a hyper targeted audience using the latest proximity and communication tools. 

Matching buyer and seller in real time.

From Atlanta to Abu Dhabi

Our global communications platform allows anyone from anywhere in the world to communicate, interact, and transact using voice, video and text messaging. Our developers create applications that connect your members with their clients.
From Atlanta  to Abu Dhabi

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Our marketing platform centers around proximity marketing; communicating with your consumer at the right place, at the right time, with highly relevant and personalized notifications.

Our system is designed to allow consumers to tell merchants what they want, when they want it, and how they would like to be interacted with.

We're here! Give us a ring