Community Development Platform

Bridging the Virtual and Physical Worlds​

Community Directory Listing

Every community,  location, family and individual has a unique history, culture, and story. All relevant information about your organization is found on a single page from contact and business description, pictures, videos and documents to a social media feed. You can promote your special offers and convert that visitor to a customer in minutes. Easily update your microsite with drag and drop functionality and make it your secret weapon to increase your sales while decreasing your costs. 

Our analytics tools will keep you abreast of who is viewing your site.

Proximity Platform

Combining the physical and the virtual, the ACT Explorer mobile application works with our physical interactive maps, beacons and geo-fences to give tourists visiting your community an experience like never before. 

Beacons and Geofences
Bring your city to life as both visitors and residents explore all your community has to offer. By making each monument, attraction and historic house come to life, visitors can experience the richness of your community.

Interactive Map – Augmented Reality
ACTE creates beautiful maps of communities and transfers its different cultural assets into images that come to life, giving the tourist additional information in the form of video, text and images.


Communication Suite

A complete communication infrastructure allows you to respond to your clients in real time. Our intelligent UC switchboard gets your clients to the right person at the right time. Intelligent chat bots on your website  provide an immediate response to frequently asked questions.

  • Virtual Switchboard
  • Social Media Messengers
  • Business Mobile
  • Predictive Knowledge Base
  • Intelligent Chat Bot

Analytics Platform

Our platform provides an immediate visual summary of geographical information. It allows you to understand audience flow patterns, discover hot-spots and optimize your marketing campaigns.

Our system collects and updates data in real time, so you are actually able to observe and react to what is happening. All data is gathered only from opted-in users on the web and from mobile users and it is completely anonymous and secure.