A powerful communications network that allows the world to communicate, interact, and transact enabling people to make powerful connections-whether in business, government, tourism, culture, education, philanthropy, or creativity.

The world’s resource for information on what to see and do. The portal is about everything that’s happening in your community, whatever your community happens to be. And it’s about your community as part of our global network so you can discover other people, places and things – close by or a world away.

ACTE delivers a complete package of self-service solutions under one portal network. Our systems are based on user contribution and collaboration. Using the Internet’s immediacy and inexpensive information presentation capabilities ACTE delivers the ability to easily publish content in real-time without administrator or technical involvement, all done with minimal labour costs and reasonable capital investment.

Events and Ticketing

On-line ticketing is self-managed by the business including event set up, pricing,sales tracking, chart seating, promoters, and much more.


The On-line Reservation allows you to easily manage your entire reservations process. Your restaurants website will be entirely bookable online.

Ratings and Reviews

The ratings and reviews system combines data from our system with reviews from Yelp, TripAdvior and Google.