Proximity Platform

Combining the physical and the virtual, the ACT Explorer mobile application works with our physical interactive maps, beacons and geo-fences to give tourists visiting your community an experience like never before. 

Mobile App

Our ACT Explorer app provides detailed information on any  place or thing. Find out about the story behind the story, told in multiple languages


Select a point of interest and let the app bring you there using Google maps.


Obtain discounts, coupons, and special offers in from local cultural producers by exploring communities worldwide


Easily manage your entire reservations process. Your restaurants website will be entirely bookable online.

Active Maps

Interactive Maps provide a unique experience for the cultural tourist. Consumers trigger unique scenarios by crossing a geofence or scanning an augmented reality target.


Points of Interests

Explore the city with our caricatural representation of its main assets


Sponsor culture and tourism in your city through our partnership program

Special Offers

Advertising your location by creating special offers targeted to toursits


Navigation and IOT Platform

Beacons enable you to understand and interact with mobile users with incredible accuracy. Define and target fine-grained proximity areas. Learn how your users enter, dwell or leave your venues and product lines.


Small devices that broadcasts a radio signal which can be seen by a Bluetooth-equipped device like a smartphone once it’s in range.


A geo-fence is a dynamically generated virtual perimeter around a real-world geographic area.

Augmented Reality

Overlay new information on top of a picture, drawing, image that gets triggered when scanned.

Triggered Scenarios

One trigger can activate any number of actions, enabling a virtually unlimited range of possibilities to make your experiences more lively and interactive.



Experience your community more vividly with location-based notifications.


From images and video to virtual reality, tourists get an immersive experience.


Long or short, this one page website gives the user a quick overview of a point of interest.

Stored Value

Add money to your account and use our TAG beacons to spend it at participating retailer.